EID EL FITR – 24th MAY 2020

Asalamu alikum dear Muslims,
EID MUBARAK to you and your families.
On 24th May 2020, insha’Allah Eid Khutba (sermon) will be delivered by Sheik Abouelabbas at 10:00 am through Zoom Video meeting,  please join the Zoom invitation and Eid-in- Place with us!
The Zoom invitation will be sent today insha’Allah followed by another one shortly before 10:00 am tomorrow as a reminder for people to join.
As you all know, Eid prayer is conducted before Eid Khutba (sermon), so It’s advisable for people to pray Eid prayer before 10:00 am then join the meeting.
 Eid prayer is performed the same way as it is offered in the Masajid (Mosques). It is as simple as offering any other regular daily prayers.
Eid prayer has two rak’ahs but it has extra ‘takbeers’ (takbeer is an Arabic word referring to when “Allah-u- Akbar” is said to start the prayer and the hands are raised to the ears).
In any normal prayer, you say only one ‘takbeer’ but for Eid prayer, you say ‘takbeer’ for 12 times in two rak’ahs
You must say seven takbeers in the first rak’ah and then start reciting the Quran as you do in normal prayers.
You must say extra five takbeers in the beginning of second rak’ah and then complete your prayer as normal.
You can perform Eid prayer alone or with family member(s)
If you still have any questions about how to perform Eid prayer, please contact Sheik Abouelabbas to consult with him in this regard.
First: Pray-in- Place at home.
Second: Eid-in- Place with the Muslims through Zoom at 10:00 am tomorrow!

We ask Allah to accept your fasting, night prayer, Quran recitation, Sadaqa, Zakatu El-Fitr and all of your good deeds, and protect you and your families and keep you always safe.

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